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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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next speaker and then go back to you. >> good evening. i will like to thank the 11 supervisors paying attention. i'm one of your bosses. listen real good. lance armstrong has proven to be a disgrace. he finally told the truth i am waiting along with others whether the city attorney herrera and sean -- will start telling the truth. we want to know what the real
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residence was in 2008, don't do the lance armstrong because it did not work for him. mayor lee, what would you do about -- and alvarez. number three, is the board of supervisors and the mayor's office will support the reason federal child porn investigation and prosecution in california? the answer is no. are you going to support child porn? put your money where your mouth is. next california, you know it is spelled california. is coming to san francisco? only you know the answer. the last headline in the chronicle, sf scientist
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resigns after faking data. truth is very elusive in san francisco. sooner or later people that lie will pay the ultimate price. lance armstrong, even i loved you. he disappointed me. you proved me right. >> thanks next speaker. >> if you could good please pull the microphone. i'm a mother who lost a child to homicide.
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(video) it is one thing to anticipate a death because of old age or sickness. what another to experience a sudden violent death of loved one. 68 homicides last year. that is what mothers are left with every year. (shots fired) >> since 2004, san francisco has experienced an unprecedented number of homicides.
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(sirens) 60% of the homicide victims are people of color. their loved ones, living in neighborhoods of scarcity and elect must deal with personal strategy what are the same time facing the violence -- >> thank you very much. let's hear from our next speaker.
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>> next speaker please. >> am i able to put this up? >> yes. >> jesus said my judgment is true for i am not alone. i am the father that sent me. the testimony of two men, true, deuteronomy. at the mouth of two witnesses or three witnesses, he worthy of death will be put to death but at the mouth of one witness he shall not be put to death. found in john chapter 8 by the way. i am want to bear witness of myself and the father that sent me
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bears witness of me. do you realize what jesus is doing here? in the fifth chapter he said search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life. he said, there has never been one born of non-virgins as great as john the baptist. he is talking of himself because at the end of the eleventh chapter of matthew he said i am meek and lowly in heart. i am least in the kingdom of heaven. jesus christ he who speaks of himself seeks his own glory. jesus christ in a class all by himself. when he races the data that might happen november 10, 1335 days into the
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new sabbatical cycle. promoting homosexuals, which is wicked and evil, not only homosexuals, child molesters, all the unsaved. >> thank you very much. thank you. let's hear from the next speaker. >> i am not a cheerleader but i am on the football team. happy birthday to martin luther king. and also the 49ers, playin atlanta falcons.
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atlanta georgia is the new gay capital. what i would like to say also to the board of supervisors and all of you all is that i heard that the supervisor in district 8 talk about twin peaks. i still stay in the -- (indiscernible) the good thing about, we have two gay cities, for the super bowl. what i want to say to you, remember bare rust, harvey milk. bare ruston (sounds like) a black gay man.
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i believe the day would come when all of god's children, (indiscernible) (indiscernible) times have changed. i hope that you can get the gay pride (indiscernible) and these two supervisors. hopefully you can be there too. and speak on that date. thank you. >> thank you. >> any members of the public wish to speak in general public comment. seeing none it is close. >> items 33-40 are considered
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for immediate and unanimous adoption. if an board member request discussion that would be separate. roll call. >> items 33-40. >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor chiu: aye >> president: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> motions approved. let's take up supervisor mar's resolution first. made a motion to adopt the resolution. could have a second?
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is there any public comment to declare january 27 as patricia thompson day in san francisco. without objection this resolution adopted. on the second resolution, supervisor cohen, commemorating the 150th anniversary of emancipation proclamation. this resolution has the requisite -- finding. any additional public comment? public comment is closed. and we take this item same house same call. commemorating the 150th anniversary of the emancipation profanation is adopted >>
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>> in memoriam. the late robert morgan. on behalf of supervisor avalos for the lake mark anthony burrell. >> more business in front of his body? >> that concludes all items. >> this meeting is adjourned. go niners. >> happy holidays to everybody. great. good morning everybody. happy
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holidays. we are here today to announce the launch of a three-month state wide out woach check 'n go borrower who may be entitled to significant restitution and charge and fees they paid on their loans this program is among the terms of an agreement that my office that this offs nailed in 2000 search. that lawsuit charges check and do with a represent a bank scheme which skewed the annual interest rate of 36ers and in fact chex and go carry rates as high judge 400%. our cement requires check 'n go requires
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them to refunder 4.3 also million dollars but it only requires a recent effort to notify borrowers and it requires effort to locate borrowers and some may have moved and may ignore a letter from an claims administrator and that is impr-this outreach is so important and why we intend to work with community partners and leaders to make this three-month thrive drive a success. now i'm very happy to be joined by a number of our community partners many of who cut short their holds plans to be here and i'll heap heap they are here today and i'll introns them in a moment but first the basic facts of the program and jibtd. all of the details are available on the website cal loan reyou the claims period
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runs for 90 days. beginning tomorrow, the december the 28, through march the 28. completed forms must be post marked by the final date march 28 for the restitution this a place to california resident consumers only. and those that obtained installation loans from check 'n go between 2006 and june 2008. sites include f d b e and command refunds are expect today range from a minimum of $20 to friction hundred dollars per valid claim. the claim form and all of the information that you would wanted in this program is available online at cal loan refund.organize. which hope the out roach efforts we are launching today for check 'n go
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matches the success we saw earlier this year with loan marred we settle and they are the same in partnership with many of the leaders today. we helped secure five-point pieive million dollars in refund for money mart barrowers reis city institution in that case averaged $500 per claim and are more than 800 claims were filed and it was a tremendous success and we hope hope i check 'n go effort is just as successful. to maximize rest city tiges for every borrower who is involved. i would like to introduce a partner in our effort in the money mart case is michael the
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executive director of the san francisco interface counsel and michael treive vairian who's representing from the office fnltd empowerment and kristinee the california reinvestment corporation and laurel pew ma'am mack from californiafirst five and the mission economic development agency and finally, johnathan sagaa chose were the commission economic development agency i can't tell you how important it is that this be a coordinated effort as many of you may be familiar in the money mart settlement we traveled you will and upand down the sate press confrontation in sacramento and reached ow to bars throughout the state of california to achieve an unprecedented level of success for a predatory lending effort and we would not have been able do that without the corporation
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of elected throughout the state and community leaders as well and we are hopeful that this will be a template for what wedo in this case and that we get a similar level of success to make sure had a money goes back to the people who are victim iressed and that they get the restitution that they deserve and i would like to introduce michael papist from the enter face-to-face 98 counsel because he was a big part in making sure we got our effort out to the 98 community and to make sure that borrowers who were vimsed got the restitution they deserved and we are happy he is cooperating in our effort for the next 90 days. >> p oop pennsylvania a s.-the san francisco enter fate counsel is absolutely indebted if you will forgive the pun to his city
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treasure her heira in this suspicious when this program started. we believe that the victims of predatory lending are sill the in in our pews and we work with faith-based organization to provide the safety yet and net and we are here today to commit ourselves again to the good work that dennis is doing and in the past, we have used our technology network to reach out to the congregations and in turn, they are letting their congregg gant know, we are here, we are concerned and we are committed partners. >> thank you and once again that you to all of the community representatives here and
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treasurer jose sises narrows [spelling?] has been a wonderful partner and the bank on san francisco program is a great gram and gives some of our most vulnerable another place to go it a responsible lending program which helps folks get the assistance they need and deserve so so thank you very much for being here and i'm happy to take any questions that you may have. [inaudible] >> instructor: in general, let me just -- in you find that pay day lending operations, oftentimes focus in some of our economically vulnerable communities to take advantage of those individuals who might not think they have any alternative but go to a pay day lending
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operation that to a have lending needs met. san francisco is actually has some of the highest density of pay day lenders in the country and two largest operation are monday mart loan mart and check 'n go and they are the two largest pay day lending operation in the country and they have locations up and down the west coast, seattle is a very densely populated with pay day lending populations san francisco is as well but there are hot spots throughout the state of california where pay day lenders trying los angeles, valley. the fresno. and unfortunately, many times pay day lending operations take advantage of those economically vulnerable who think that they don't have another alternative evaporation sable it them and in these very tough economic times we know that some families are
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living pay check to pay check and oftentimes they are working poor and they are individuals who are under employed or under employed pa they depend on that pay check every week to nurse their families and so in very difficult economic times mayday lending operations thrive and they take advantage dispawnts now there are some that play by the rules but in this circumstances we found that check 'n go was not playing by the rules and adhering to california's interest rates limits and we are partnering with a bank to get around those limit and is so san francisco is a hot spot, central valley and we are going to work with focuses throughout the state to make sure that folks get the restitutions that they deserve and that is why it's so important that we partner with focus up and down the state and now by example.ion hundred. there ended up beingion hundred
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valid claims that were paid in terms of people that were vimsed in the thousand and is so it's very important that we debate the word ow to make sure we get as many people to respond as much as possible to get the rest restitution that they deserve. >> so can you explain what check 'n go did wrong that was a violation of the rules or law or what are they doing now that will be different, well they partnered with an outof state bank to seasonally say that we are no longer subject to the limits and 36 apr that is set in article california law and they partnered with an out-of-state bank and said, we are subject to federal segregation gleyings and is think charged an apr of four 100% and so they have agreed to abide by california's limits they have discontinued that relationship with the
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out-of-state bank and as they also have established this settlement fund to repay eligible bars to get restitution until the amounts that i described. so if you go door loan do you have a comparison to give us an idea. average income or middle income do you have a concrete example of something like that to put dollars and cents of how much they were screwed? i can testimony you this it's har hard to come up with a timcal case but what you say because the interest rates being charged people could not get the principal paid down or the interest rate paid down because the number accumulating continued to glow and what you saw in that circumstances is not only and people have an inability to pay loans off they
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continued to go out and get more loans to keep themselves a flowed. in san francisco --. >> treasure assist narrows has a program called bank on san francisco which, is designed to provide financial resources to the working poor and others who oftentimes fall victim to pay day lending operations. i'm not totally familiar with how the program works if there is something here that could talk about it, i'm happy to have them educate folks about what is available to them but bank on san francisco is something that started here by has been modeled in other communities as well. my name is mar co and i'm here on behalf of treasure sises narrows and our office began a
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program to help people move away from check cashers and pay day lender and is we are happy to partner with assist narrows here because we do a program called pay day plus s s which, is a program collaborative of credit unions that provide a loan between 50 there is to $500 with an interest rate of no more than 18% apr that they get to pay back in six months to a year and whereas, traditional lenders charge a higher apr and they have to pay it back by the next pay period. if you are interested a visit us at pay day will you state or find free ed cigs counseling alternative to pay day cashers and lender and is check state wide as well. and if you are interested in learning more about our programs or offices you can visit our
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website to see the array of services at s f or g. mark cor calf marine. a ra r i n and our website is www.s f s >> would there be any reason that anybody would neat tneed go to a pay day store. yeah, many check cashers and pay day lenders combined out number mc donald and starbucks many there are banks and credit unions in san francisco and so the volume that they provide is difficult to keep up with and which, is why the treasurer found out efforts to work with the attorney and to provide eferlts for folk and is as you take away one, there is a lot of people who may be good canned details and who may not be able
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to find a good alternative in their neighborhood and so a lot of focus who have good increase but may be struggling to make a next payment they take out $300 and pay $45 in fee and is then find had a they cannot pay that loan off in the next two weeks that is required and so they find themselves repeating that system from one pay day lender to another ten times and you will ultimately they will pay the $800 for the initial $300 finding themselves in a bad situation and with our credit you know partners we vid people an alternative that consolid dates an alternative where they can build their credit and find a better alternative so that in the future they don't have to turn to a pay day lender.
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the scenario you gave is if they are doing it legally so it can be worse. >> the pay day leaped lenders that we can taking about today are charging four 100% apr and the person walked in a signs a check for $300 and aunts that person in crisis cannot pay it offer in three weeks and then they tell them to go across the street and take out another loan to pay them back and so this is done and a lot of folks find themselves in that situation and don't have an alternative and the big sir is that there is only four-five credit unions in san francisco and 500 credit unions nationally that offer a pay day loan alternative and people don't know how to find those alternative and is so part of our program is to help people find out about those alternatives.


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